Steps on Making Avocado Baby Foods

Avocado baby food

Avocado is a fruit that is very important to be consumed, even the fruit is said to be the perfect fruit for not only adult but also babies, because all the important substances needed by the human body contained within this green fruit. Avocado baby food contains unsaturated fat or good fat in the avocado is very important for infant growth and brain development of infants.

Besides that, there are also healthy benefits of avocado baby foods and the benefits of this fruits could not be separated with the folic acid content, Vitamin E and Fiber. Consuming the avocadoes can fulfill 8 percent needs of folic acid, 4 percent fiber, potassium, and Vitamin E. In addition, it can fulfill the 2 percent requirement of iron. Besides the properties above, the Avocadoes also contains the beta carotene and carotene. Both of them are important properties for the babies in order to support the growth of the babies, such as the brain of the babies and the system of central nervous. This fruitis also valuable in your health as this green fruit is cholesterol and sodium free. Here are some of tips when you want to make the porridge from avocados.

Choosing and buying avocados

When it comes to the texture of avocado, this green fruit has soft buttery texture which is so easy to be chewed by your baby. Besides that this green fruit does not own a thin skin which wraps its meat so your baby will be safe from the choking risk. Some of the pediatricians usually recommend on giving green vegetables porridge before fruit pureed, including the porridge of avocado baby foods.It needs because some of fruits are sweeter than veggies.Therefore when you firstlygiveyour baby fruit porridge, he will not want to eatthe veggies porridge

You need to look for the avocado baby foodswhich have dense textures, but not too raw. The color of avocado does not show whether the fruit is ripe or not, so the color can vary between dark purple and green. You also need to avoid selectingthe avocados which are too hard, as theyare not yet ripe. Raw avocados will be tough and rough when you turn intoporridge. For ripeningthese fruits, you can place them in a cool place, but you need to keep them from direct sunlight for a few days. One fruit mixed with the milk can be resulted 6 up to 8 ounces of porridge.

Washing, discarding the seeds and cutting avocado

After choosing the best avocado baby foods, you need to slice or cut avocados in the middle with an elongated shape. You can utilize the spoon or knife in order to discard the seeds. After that, you can take a knife to peel the skin or utilize a spoon to scoop the flesh out

Making Avocado Porridge

The last step in making porridge from avocado baby foods is cooking the avocadoes.  You can blend the avocadoes with the blender or the other similar stuffs into smooth. You need to add the water if needed to get the expected form. You can also mix with your breast milk to make creamy and soft texture. You also need to use the fork if the avocados are too hard and thick.

Description: avocado baby foods is one of the solid food which can give your baby healthy impact. This green fruit has the healthy nutrition.